Dedicated Virtual Secretary

We offer a secretary part time or full time. We are based in the U.S.A

Our Services

We are a Virtual Secretary Company that work on a per week basis. If you or your secretary is going on vacation, just forward your calls to us. We will take messages, set calendar appointments and more. Here are some examples of our services. If you require assistance with something that is not listed below, please get in touch with us.


  • Updating and organizing your contacts
  • Providing customer service to your clients
  • Providing technical support to your clients
  • Filtering, organizing email accounts
  • Managing & answering to blog comments
  • Organize your calendar and manage meetings
  • Book flights, hotels and organize travel itineraries
  • Find, research and order products and services online

Writing & Data Entry

  • Handwritten personalized letters, notes and cards
  • Convert your handwritten notes into a Word document
  • Edit/Proofread blog posts & content
  • Filtering, organizing email accounts
  • Responding to email, support tickets, chat requests
  • Data entry in Word or Google Docs
  • Creating / managing Spreadsheets
  • And more...
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Our pricing plan starts at $100/week. Contact us to learn more.

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